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Doctor-pathomorphologist experience

2017 - until now

Doctor-pathomorphologist, head of pathology department of the National Oncology Research Center of the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan, Baku

2017 - until now

2013 February - 2016 August

Doctor-pathologist of the Central Customs Hospital of Azerbaijan, Baku

2005 - until now

Doctor-cytologist of the private medical clinic "Omur" in Baku

2005 - until now

2002 - 2011

Organizer and head of the laboratory "Clinical histology and cytology" of Azerbaijan State Medical University

2001 - 2003

Scientific consultant of the "pathocytomophology" department of the Republican Oncological Scientific Center of the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan

2001 - 2003

1990-2010 (till the closure of the hospital)

Doctor-pathomorphologist, head and scientific consultant of the Department of Pathomorphology of the Baku City Oncology Dispensary

Skills. The nature of practical work

  • Free possession of histological technique and staining methods

  • Special methods of histological and cytological analysis (silvering, osmating, histochemistry of enzymes, etc., immunohistochemistry, ISH technology)

  • Electron microscopy (experience in microscopes JEOL, Japan)

  • Microscopic diagnosis of biopsies, operating materials, flushes, liquids, swabs, etc.

  • Experience in emergency (intraoperative) histological diagnostics

  • Most of the materials:

  • Oncology; gynecology (cervical smears, scrapings); osteomorphology; biopsy, resectaty of the gastrointestinal tract; urinary system, prostate, skin; punctate, resectata of the thyroid gland; the lymph nodes

    • Cytochemistry of blood

    • Cytochemistry of sperm

    • Materials of undeveloped pregnancy

  • Annual volume of work performed:

    • 12000 microscopic analyzes